Melissa Kelly, Practice Boss

There are many great things about working with Carolyne. One of my favorites is that while I’m over here struggling with how to put words to one idea, she’s already generated five different ways to say it, and they’re all wonderful.

I really appreciate that she can take a jumble of ideas, and has the patience, tenacity, and skill to organize that jumble and turn it into a coherent message that’s tailored to my voice, and to the audience I am trying to reach.

My job is to build websites for mental health professionals, so I choose Carolyne to work with my clients because she is not only psychologically-minded, she also does an amazing job of putting herself into the reader’s shoes in a very empathic way. You need empathy to be a good writer, and Carolyne has that in spades.

Carolyne is professional, easy to work with, and really puts her all into each piece of writing, no matter the topic. If you want copy that is fresh, unique, and will speak to your target audience, hire her!