Dirt Rag Magazine

Having just completed a cover to cover review of Issue 209 I must say the editorial well of this issue is FANTASTIC!!  I’m so pleased to be reading solid edit about interesting places to ride. 

Congratulations Carolyne as I suspect your role as the newly appointed “Supreme Editorialship-person” played a part in this much needed evolution.  So pleased to have spent 45 minutes sucking up each and every feature within the issue. Plus I intend to add some of these destinations to my “must-ride” file.

—Howard, subscriptions manager

I just finished reading issue 209.  I very much enjoyed the magazine.  It seems like [magazine] took a small turn since you took over.  The magazine seemed a bit “grittier”.  I mean this in the best way possible  I don’t know if this was purposeful, imagined, or just the rain outside and the mentions of the Cape and Martha’s Vineyard (which I visited often growing up in MA) which stirred me.  I hope the rest of your readers enjoyed it as much as I did.

—Jason, reader

As a (reasonably-ish) long time subscriber, just a quick note to say that I’m really, really enjoying the magazine under your editorship. Words and pictures both — keep up the funny, serious, inclusive, moving, irreverent, informative, punk-af good work! 

—Chris, reader

I’ve been a subscriber for quite some time…No offense to your predecessors, who all did a fine job, but I feel a new pep in the pedal stroke of [magazine] right now. Keep up the great work!

—Jonathan, reader

“I’m a lifetime [magazine] subscriber just received the new issue and I basically spent most of yesterday and last night going from cover to cover. I really want to applaud your style and the segments that you have put in this issue is one of the best readings I’ve had in a long time.”

—Thomas, reader

SuMing Sullivan, MSW, LICSW

I was completely stuck and uninspired by the copy I was attempting to write on my own. A colleague referred me to Carolyne and she was the exact spark I needed to get me out of my slump. She took the time to get to know my business and picked up on the things that were most important to me without me even having to tell her. She is a living breathing thesaurus and a wordsmith. She was able to help me capture what it was I was trying to say without losing my voice. Carolyne has a naturally curious and easy going way that makes her a delight to work with. She is prompt, keeps to the deadlines she sets- even kept ME on target…and also helped me to let the work rest when it needed to. She also did a great job collaborating with my website designer when I felt completely out of my element. I would highly recommend her for any copywriting/copy editing support you need!

Melissa Kelly, Practice Boss

There are many great things about working with Carolyne. One of my favorites is that while I’m over here struggling with how to put words to one idea, she’s already generated five different ways to say it, and they’re all wonderful.

I really appreciate that she can take a jumble of ideas, and has the patience, tenacity, and skill to organize that jumble and turn it into a coherent message that’s tailored to my voice, and to the audience I am trying to reach.

My job is to build websites for mental health professionals, so I choose Carolyne to work with my clients because she is not only psychologically-minded, she also does an amazing job of putting herself into the reader’s shoes in a very empathic way. You need empathy to be a good writer, and Carolyne has that in spades.

Carolyne is professional, easy to work with, and really puts her all into each piece of writing, no matter the topic. If you want copy that is fresh, unique, and will speak to your target audience, hire her!