Hiring a professional can be intimidating. Maybe you have a tight budget and you’re worried you can’t afford it, or maybe you don’t know your budget but the idea of investing in yourself still feels overwhelming.

1-hour consultation

If you’re ready to move forward, an hour-long consultation is $150. This includes a thorough review/edit of all material sent to me beforehand — current website, Google Docs, a photo of a napkin covered in ideas and lipstick — and some initial questions for you to think over, plus an hour-long discussion about your business, what you’re looking to do, how you can move forward to reach those goals, and why I made the changes I did on your text.

If you want to continue, that $150 will be considered a deposit for future work which typically costs anywhere from $300-$2,000 total. This includes up to two rounds of edits and as many emails and discussions as it takes for you to feel satisfied, though typically after that initial conversation I have enough information to not need to bother you with small details.

quick document edit and idea-generator

If you would like to send me a document or website to edit, the fee is $80 for up to 6 pages and a small write-up on where you feel like you are stuck or need help. I’ll read through the text, provide edits, and give you a written sense of where I think you could build your voice, trim down on language, or ask some important questions.

find your footing

If you aren’t sure what you need or how you’d like to move forward, or aren’t sure what you can afford, let’s chat for 15 minutes for free and we can talk about what your goals are and where you’re stumbling.