for writers

We all have a story to tell. Whether that’s through poetry, essay, memoir, fiction, or something entirely unique, the story growing inside you deserves to be born, nurtured, and given the tools to grow. During the writing process, even seasoned writers can feel when their story hasn’t hit the mark but it can be hard to determine what’s missing. With decades of experience in workshops, as well as years of experience as a writing instructor and professional editor, I can sense when a story isn’t quite there and have a keen eye for bringing those elements to the surface.

As an intuitive editor and spiritual practitioner, I use techniques that help awaken the buried story in writers. The process is empowering, envigorating, and clarifying, allowing writers to not only see their writing more clearly and understand what the story is that really wants to be told, but they leave our work together with the tools needed to see their work with a balance of intimate appreciation and distanced critique.