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A staff can only do so much. Trust me — as the editor-in-chief of a major cycling and travel magazine, I know. But outsourcing can be a challenge as well. Finding the right person to help write reviews, cover developing stories, deliver compelling longform, or whatever else your content necessitates can be exhausting, only to find they don’t meet deadlines or respond well to editorial feedback, or the content they promised isn’t what they deliver. Or maybe you’re looking for help with editorial work because your platform is growing faster than you can reasonably manage.

I’ve been on both sides of this table and understand the importance of professionalism, clear communication, expectations, and deadlines. I’ve worked for print and web as a writer and editor, with seasoned writers as well as new writers or writers for whom English is not their primary language.

  • Travel (tourism and adventure)
  • Personal essay
  • Bicycle news, reviews, and interviews (hey that rhymes!)
  • Outdoor industry and news
  • Health and wellness, including nutrition and body work
  • editorial offshoring


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“I’m a lifetime [magazine] subscriber just received the new issue and I basically spent most of yesterday and last night going from cover to cover. I really want to applaud your style and the segments that you have put in this issue is one of the best readings I’ve had in a long time.”

—Thomas, reader