Hi, I’m Carolyne. I tell a great story and can help you tell yours too.

I’m a poet, traveler, cyclist, adventurer, and a heck of a good writer. I have an MFA in poetry and nonfiction and a BA in creative writing, and have been writing stories, poems, articles, and recipes for as long as I can remember.

I started out as a pre-teen writing zines I photocopied in the teacher’s lounge in junior high. Some of those became internationally distributed, and I eventually became Editor-In-Chief at my favorite magazine. Now I’m freelancing and feel great joy in helping so many clients, from therapists to community nonprofits, engage with the people who mean the most to them.

My easy-going attitude, optimistic spirit, and nonjudgmental professionalism are disarming and help clients break through their own writers’ blocks to find their story. Let me help you find yours.


Copy writing

I help people broadcast their best selves to the world. Whether that’s representing their brand, business, product, or something new entirely, I bring it to life with words.

Magazine writing

Long form adventure stories, product reviews, health columns, and investigative human rights stories have all found a home in my portfolio.


Whether it’s grammatical errors or existential non-sequiturs, I work out all the knots in any body of text, from brochures to magazine articles to books.


For people who want to watch how their oil’s changed so they can do it themselves next time, I relate. A former educator, I love walking through why I make certain editorial decisions, how I think about language, and what questions I ask, giving clients the power to do it themselves.


Web Editor, Editor-in-Chief at Dirt Rag Mag

Brought web readership up from 80k to 200k, enlisted new columnists and freelancers, tightened editorial calendar and communication

Regional Editor, Pink Pangea

Edited writing from non-fluent English speakers to keep their voice and tone while adjusting for grammar and readability, maximized SEO, managed artwork and layout

Associate Editor, Autumn House Press

Screened manuscripts, organized readings for visiting poets and local writers, designed and published chapbooks, wrote, designed, and distributed newsletters and mailers.

Freelance Writer

Content writer for HipCamp, ApartmentList, RootsRated. Regular Contributor at Pop City. Published in ESPN, High Times, Backpacker, Women’s Adventure, Roads and Kingdoms, Bicycle Times, Keystone Courier, Stir Journal, Belt, and others.

Let’s make something together.