Day…what day is it? Power Yoga!

I’m tired and have been nursing a headache for about, oh, 16 hours or so, but I’m reclining in bed drinking a protein smoothie while the family snoozes around me. Okay, to be fair, I guzzled that protein smoothie pretty quickly and it’s already gone and I’m now sipping some less exhilarating water, but as I was preparing myself here on the internet I was excited about this great life I live and didn’t think it should be short-handed by E’s smoothie’s irresistible taste that goes down so easy. The headache is becoming a bit taxing and hopefully tomorrow will bring with it a less sore cranium, but I will say that during the 1.5 hours of power yoga, I was focused and headache-free. If that tells you anything about the importance of yoga.

I should have done today’s exercise in the morning. An hour and a half is an awkward chunk of time, though. I don’t need to start it early because it’s only an hour and a half and I work only 20 minutes away so I should just enjoy the morning and all it’s coffee and egg white delight. Play with the dog. I even read the newspaper this morning – I mean a real paper one, weird! Granted it was from four days ago, but how much could have changed? So E. left for his 50 mile bike ride and I looked at the clock and thought, “well if I start now, I won’t have time to shower and make lunch before leaving for work, and might still be late.” It’s the same excuse I give myself just about every morning. So I took a shower and packed a lame lunch and headed to work and had great plans for the evening to work out by 9 p.m. after The Biggest Loser (I won’t say it’s my guilty pleasure, I have many guilty pleasures that come before this one, I just consider this one of the less soul-crushing reality shows to come from the screen writer’s strike years ago, and honestly it’s Great Television in the most classic sense).

Lo and behold, however, at 5:30 I was sitting at Sharp Edge Happy Hour drinking a $2.50 Leffe Blonde and eating some chunks of meat – you know, ’cause I need protein….for the…diet? – with E. and our good friend who’d just moved here from Chicago. At 10 or so we were sitting on The Wall with a friend who’d just finished his first year of law school and I was telling him how great and fun and wonderful P90X was, all the while passing off my own daily duty. What would Tony Horton say about this? WWTHD?

Of all the exercises to finish after midnight, though, power yoga is probably the best. I usually have a hard time winding down at the end of the day and play a round of Sudoku to help settle my mind. It helps with bad dreams too, for whatever reason. Late-night power yoga uses up all that stored energy without shooting out a lot of adrenaline (you can tell I’m a scientist here, right?). I would ultimately love to get up early and do power yoga daily in the morning to bring the energy and calmness I feel I sometimes have a struggle balancing. I’m certain that if I did power yoga in the mornings, my coffee intake would decrease considerably. Baby steps onto the elevator, though. At least I’m finishing daily, regardless of what ridiculous time.