Lifting Weights at Midnight

Clumsy but ambitious, with vegan recipes, health tips, and tales of mountain bike and hiking trails. I’m not a quitter, I just fall down a lot.

Day…what day is it? Power Yoga!

I’m tired and have been nursing a headache for about, oh, 16 hours or so, but I’m reclining in bed drinking a protein smoothie while the family snoozes around me. Okay, to be fair, I guzzled that protein smoothie pretty quickly and it’s already gone and I’m now sipping some less exhilarating water, but as I was preparing myself here on the internet I was excited about this great life I live and didn’t think it should be short-handed by E’s smoothie’s irresistible taste that goes down so easy. The headache is becoming a bit taxing and hopefully tomorrow will bring with it a less sore cranium, but I will say that during the 1.5 hours of power yoga, I was focused and headache-free. If that tells you anything about the importance of yoga.

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Day 21 – Rest Day!

By yesterday, I was sick of eating, which is saying a lot for someone who used to get teased by neighborhood adults for liking food so much (which, for the record, I always felt was a bit harsh and exaggerated). Restaurant food is good because it’s a treat, but after a few days of it you can start to taste the restaurant funk, and each restaurant develops a spice that permeates all its food whether or not the dish warrants it. E and I had briefly started the P90X diet, but at his mom’s suggestion we put it on temporary hiatus while my folks were in town because there would be too much stress – our “official” engagement, my parents checking out what we had done with the wedding thus far, my birthday, mother’s day. I was actually looking forward to the diet, to eating well and working towards a goal (I love goals even if I can’t reach them), to actually thinking about food and planning meals, to working my body like a necessary machine. The P90X diet is almost like a one of those slide puzzles where there is one empty square spot, and the squares can be slid around spot-by-spot to ultimately create a picture – in this case the picture is a sweet bod that can bench press its weight and climb trees that don’t have branches. I guess what I was really referring to was that there are a certain amount of different foods you can eat each day, and the puzzle is to figure out how to eat all of them without eating too much of any of them, and also eat the right amount of calories (which I’m still figuring out how much is enough for me, I tend to get full easily and under-eat, or eat incorrectly, thus the coolness of the diet plan).

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Day 20

The thing that amazes me about my body is that I have no real perception of it, at least none that has any grounding in reality. Even so far as how my clothes are fitting is all based on relativity – jeans can shrink in the drawer if not worn for a while, right? So yesterday after Legs & Back and Ab Ripper X, I put on my new birthday dress and went out like a champion to eat a veggie burger with extra steak fries (Red Robbin doesn’t officially offer a free burger on birthdays anymore, but I explained my sob story of how we all used to get the emails about our free birthday burgers and no none of us have gotten them this year and it’s my birthday so is there anyway I could still and an overpriced ice cream and a glass of red wine with some awesome friends who love me despite my inability to properly time manage aka answer the phone or generally be available to hang outs like I used to.

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turning 29

I turned 29 during a Sun Salutation. Time management is hard and I was less than halfway through my hour and a half P90X power yoga session when midnight struck and I sighed long and heavy as I lowered myself into chaturanga, pulled through upward dog, did an extra push up for good luck, and raised back into downward dog.

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