Hi! I’m Carolyne, welcome to my world.

Here are some bragging points:

  • MFA in poetry and nonfiction at Chatham University in 2009, finalist for Best Thesis
  • 2013 Jan-ai Fellowship to Murphy Writing Center’s Winter Writing Getaway
  • 2014 Ralph Waldo Emerson Fellowship to the Vermont Studio Center
  • 2015 Lucille Clifton scholarship to the Squaw Valley Community of Writers
  • 2015 Fellow for Writing Walking Women’s Newfoundland conference and thru-hike
  • The Glossary of Tania Aebi, my first chapbook, was published by Finishing Line Press.
  • Publications include Bicycle Times, Women’s Adventure online, Backpacker online, High Times, Pittsburgh City Paper, Pop City, Sugar House, Majestic Disorder, Eagle Nest Outfitters blog

I write poetry, travel stories, and articles. Until recently I lived in a travel trailer, but have temporarily settled in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I’m always looking for the next adventure and always look forward to living to tell the tale. My online clips can be found on my Contently portfolio.

Even more than telling my own stories, I love getting to know new people and places and sharing their stories with the world. I also enjoy teaching others how to tell their own stories and breaking through their own barriers, whether that means a creative block, fear, or not seeing what the true story is that they want to tell.

Lets Work Together!

Do you have a story you want to tell, or a product you need help marketing to people? Do you want to grow and engage your audience? Email me at whelan.writes@gmail.com

Now here’s a bit about this website:

My husband and I looked around the little Pittsburgh valley in which we own a house, and knew there is a world blossoming, decaying, roaring, and evolving just over the hills. We saved up, bought a camper, and hit the road. My job as a freelance writer is to write great articles to help people better understand the world, and write great content so people best understand what a company is doing to help them. My job as an artist is to show you the world the way I see it, to take you to places you didn’t know you could inhabit, and meet people you never knew existed.

After seven months, Evan got his dream job (though he hates when I call it that) and we made another adjustment. The camper is parked, but I still spend a lot of time on the road exploring New Mexico and training for my next adventure: a 2,700 mile off-road mountain bike trip down the Great Divide Bicycle Route (GDBR). You can read about my adventures here, climbing mountains, forging new friendships, and telling tales up the coast and down the river. Come along with me for the journey as I stub my toes and make a mess of things, two things I do with surprising grace.